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Handyman Service

Why is it so hard to find a good Handyman on the Mornington Peninsula?!

Southern Peninsula Cleaning Service understands that minor maintenance and repairs are required from time-to-time. That's why we have a Handyman on staff, ready to be called out immediately! Rest assured any issues your guest's encounter can be seen to, demonstrating only the best in customer service and improving the quality of their stay, even when things go wrong.

SPCS also offers immediate quotes for damages caused by guests, allowing you to start the bond claim process straight away!

Some of our Handyman Services include:

Faded or flaky paint

Squeaky doors or floorboards

Mess and dirt

Leaking taps

Rubbish overflow from bins (General Waste Removal)

Cracks in Walls and Ceilings)
High-Pressure Water Blasting (brick, stone, concrete driveways, walkways, houses)

Plaster patch-ups

Timber & Wood Replacement

Furniture Assembly

General Interior Timber Work (skirting boards, doors, windows)


Inbuilt and Purpose-Made furniture

Wooden fixture repairs

Install doors, windows, baseboards, cabinets and more




Termite repairs

Steelwork preparation (abrasive sandblasting and painting)


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